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Art Direction, User Experience

Art Direction, User Experience

Designed at AP Keaton

Full Card Sweep was birthed at AP Keaton, with our CEO's passion for ethical sports betting. The idea was to build a handicapping service that sets itself apart from its competitors by a brand-heavy attire in terms of technology used, content shared, and picks delivered. It was built with the vision of becoming the number 1 handicapping service in NFL, NBA, NCAAF, NCAAB and NHL with a robust backend that would allow us to manage subscriptions and send picks to our customers at the hit of a button, while also supporting this with highly curated educational emails and engaging social content across Instagram and Tiktok.

Visual Identity

Social Media Design

The Full Card Sweep socials were designed as a dynamic community building platform, that actively covers all sports news stories, conducts lives regularly between influencers in the sports and sports betting industries, and aims to achieve virality with every content piece it puts out. A lot of inspiration was taken from famous sportsbooking platforms, and some other influencers in the game. The playfulness and the witty (almost snarly) sense of humor and sarcasm were set as the key parameters for the brand voice. Check out Full Card Sweep's Instagram and Tiktok. With a successful visual language established and thoroughly researched news content, FCS grew a 10K following in under 4 months of launch.

Website Design

The website was designed on Figma and then fully executed on Wordpress by yours truly. It was a very rewarding experience when just in a few weeks, after a lot of deliberations and sleepless nights, we saw our brand come to life with all its functioning pieces (subscriptions, API integrations, plugins, Klaviyo, blog, merch store, live chat etc). I consider myself lucky to have been a part of all the stages of the brand building to see it actually growing into a profitable business in less than 4 months. My work on the brand and all its outlets was greatly appreciated across the agency. The website is live and can be found here.

Merch Store

A big piece of the website was to build a supporting Print On Demand Merch Store that we could keep updating in real time. I single-handedly designed executed the FCS Merch Store via Printful. I tried to use innovative strategies to make merch based in real-time news and that people would love to rock. The merch carried forward the vintage influences that were crucial during initial identity development for the brand. 1980s Sports Nostalgia lies at the core of Full Card Sweep brand ethos.

Email Marketing & Newsletters

A large part of work for the brand post launch was about continually evolving our emails to be more custom to the brand and editorial looking. 70% of profits were owed to consistent Email Marketing that was lead by me. The emails were broken down to categories with a set cadence so our users get accustomed to our communications with them and almost look forward to our emails. The newsletters will also be integrated with the live blog on the site, which can be found here.

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