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Art Direction, User Experience

Art Direction, User Experience

Designed at AP Keaton

The owners of legendary New York bar, Dante came to us with the faint idea of a bottled cocktail brand with the primary ask to birth a brand and its visual identity.

First Ask: Develop Brand Identity

I worked actively on all stages of the brand identity development. After much back and forth, we landed on the name The New York Cocktail Company. I worked with other designers in the creative team to create the visual identity for the brand.

Second Ask: Launch Website and E-commerce Platform

The second ask was to develop an interactive landing page that showcases the brand in an accessible and engaging way, while also celebrating historical and iconic New York bars and cocktails that took birth here. I single handedly led the design and execution of the NYCC website under the supervision of our creative director.

Prototypes were explored in Figma and after considerable back and forth, the final product was delivered on Wordpress integrated with a Shopify integrated e-commerce store. My skills in HTML, CSS and Wordpress came in handy. The final product was greatly appreciated by the client and they continued to bring us more digital work since we played a crucial part in visualizing the brand from scratch. The website is live and can be viewed at newyorkcocktailcompany.com.

The final product was designed following the 'phone-first' ideology and was made responsive for various screen sizes.

Third Ask: Activate On Social

The third ask was to create engaging social media content that aligned with the core values of the brand.

After considerable brainstorming and target audience research, we came up with the following content pillars. I visualized these pillars into sample posts which were then delivered to the client to post over the course of the coming year.

Content Pillar: Legacy

Classic cocktail histories, legendary NYC bar profiles, and people’s memories of their first luxury experiences – their first great negroni, their first fine dining experience, their first front-row seats, etc.

Several different layouts and post formats were designed to present choice to the client. The one above was designed as a swipe through IG post about the legendary Bemelans Bar in NYC.

Content Pillar: Make it Easy

Tips for drinking, gifting and hosting. NYCC will be featured in posts, but the content will be about other aspects of entertaining with ease, while also featuring iconic New York cocktails that have made history.

Content Pillar: Make it Anywhere, Everywhere

The versatility of NYCC via photos in texturally interesting places through New York and West Village settings.

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