Cosmetic Imperfection in fruit cause huge losses to State Agriculture. This project uses a metaphor to idealization of the female rear to the idealization we look for in peaches.
This print ad for Vogue was designed as a Data Visualization for a class at SCAD with Professor Rhonda Arntsen. The data I had to work with was the peach production data that I got from the USDA site. The story I try to make out of this data, is about the losses caused to the State of Georgia due to cosmetic imperfections of peaches; the persuasion being for people shopping in grocery stores to buy ugly peaches too. Call to action here being to visit Imperfect Produce, which is a startup that delivers ugly produce to people's homes. 


The story is established poetically with the metaphor of 'everyone wanting a perfect peach' and the almost sexual connotation of the peach with a butt. The metaphor subliminally extends to people spending huge amounts of money to trying to artificially enhance their bodies, and especially butts.

The medium finds itself to be a print ad in Vogue, because it calls out to the readers who support and encourage 'having the perfect peach' approach to life. A peach in the end of the day is a peach.
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