This was a group project done for an Interaction Design class at SCAD under the guidance of Professor Joe DiGioia. We collaborated with Savannah's local tennis association, by the name of Savannah Area Tennis Association (SATA) and redesigned their website. I give due credit to my fellow team members for this project, Lindsey Peterson and Natalie Budiman.
As a subset of the United States Tennis Association (USTA), SATA organizes competitive league play, outreach programs, and tennis events for all people. With over 1400 members, SATA’s goal is to grow tennis and use it as a means to advance the health and well-being of individuals and the Savannah community as a whole. SATA believes tennis is for everyone, and strives to provide a variety of programs that seek to reach the underserved populations of Savannah. After intensive brand research, we saw the need for redesigning their website.
Various opportunities were seen in the current website. We learnt that all designed experiences are a product of their times. While this website sufficed the needs of the time it was built in, i.e. 2008; it didn't achieve its purpose in 2018. The following were some thoughts and concerns expressed by a varied demographics of users.

How might SATA appeal to a more diverse demographic?
How might we create a seamless experience between 'Leagues' and 'Volunteering'?
How might SATA connect with a younger audience through their website?

The best part of this project was iterative prototyping. The user's feedback helped us at every step to make crucial decisions.

The new branding was designed as a contemporary and colorful twist to the existing branding. The colors were inspired from the theme of tennis courts and the bright yellow colors of the tennis ball. More focus was given to images which was lacking in the original experience. Tennis needed to be seen as a fun thing rather than a dull, intimidating and technical sport.

After exhaustive prototyping and research for 6 months, the final website experience was coded from scratch using the framework of Dreamweaver and Bootstrap. In the 'About' page, we tried to tell SATA's true story and what it really meant to the tennis community, using a welcoming video.
One of the key innovations we brought about, was 4 clearly defined pathways for the user. The idea was to customize the experience for the user, so as to brand SATA as a hub of truly 'All things Tennis in Savannah'.
A need was seen for volunteering and donation opportunities through the website as SATA is a non-profit and is always in need of volunteers and support from the community.
The events page with filters was another innovation brought to the Calendar experience.
The USTA ratings system was made much more simplified using the custom-coded interaction as shown below.
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